Osage Arts Community is a residency program that provides temporary time, space, and support for the creation of new work in a retreat format. These creative residencies are generally anywhere from one week to one year but average around six months. OAC serves creative people of all kinds – visual artists, video artists, composers, textile artists, ceramicists, poets, fiction and nonfiction writers.

OAC is located on a 160-acre farm in an isolated rural mountainside setting in Central Missouri bordered by ¾ of a mile of the Gasconade River. We provide a solitary retreat to those working alone, as well as welcoming collaborative teams, offering a living space and a country environment, in addition to workspace, to emerging and mid-career artists.

We are committed to a unified belief in the creative process, and we support this by offering dedicated time and space for the creation of new work.”

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“With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.”

Mark Twain

Mission Statement
The mission of the OAC is to contribute to the Midwest cultural vitality by supporting artists through this diverse residency program by sustaining an environment that advances artistic endeavors of artists. The residency program allows artists of all media access to an isolated and serene environment to work creatively without one’s daily distractions
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Executive Board of Directors

Mark McClane – President

John ‘Tony’ Hayden – Secretary

Tim Hayden – Treasurer

Kathy McDougal – Communications 

Buck Rodgers – IT