We offer a comfortable 1,500 sq. foot renovated house and smaller 800 sq. foot. studio. Linens are provided. Laundry facilities are located on-site, and transportation to town is provided. Spouses and significant others are welcome to visit, but not to stay for the duration of the residency at this time.

Artists are responsible for the preparation of their own meals and food is provided for all meals. A pantry is stocked with groceries, basic staples, and seasonings for common use. Special food items can be purchased by the resident; the nearest convenience store/supermarket/pharmacy is 10 miles away. In the future, the artists will be encouraged to use the one acre home-grown vegetable garden to supplement their meals.

Our facilities are located in a remote, rural area and the majority of our land is accessible only through dirt trails and unpaved roads. Be aware that the terrain is rolling and sometimes rugged. Artists in wheelchairs or with vision-impairment cannot be accommodated at this time. OAC will try to accommodate each individual's special needs. Our long-term plans include accessibility improvements.

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