"The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

And, you can do it at OSAGE!

When you think about making Central Missouri a better place, think about Art. Artists, with their different ways of seeing and thinking, should be involved at every step of enhancing the quality of life in this region. They help ensure that the Mid-West will have human scale and embody human values. They encourage diversity and tolerance, calm and excite by turns, and offer a wide variety of shape, motion, color and sound in our streets. No less than our parks, artists create a better environment for the people of our Nation and of the Mid-West.

Artists concern themselves with pictures and vision, the creative thoughts and acts which preceded them, and the personal expression resulting from them. An art community exists to celebrate and to preserve the products of such vision and creativity. The particular mission of our community's own Osage Arts Community is to contribute to the Midwest cultural vitality by supporting artists through this diverse residency program by sustaining an environment that advances artistic endeavors of artists. The residency program allows literary and visual artists an isolated and serene environment to work creatively without one’s daily distractions.

In its 10-year history, OAC has made impressive strides in achieving its mission and has become a community asset which greatly enhances our region's quality of life. This accomplishment is directly attributable to the will and resources of interested and committed members of the community. This has been accomplished through our varied activities:

• Providing artists' residencies which are open to visual artists, writers, composers, are the heart of our program

• Conducting a professionally run organization that provides time, space, and support for artists' creative research and risk-taking in environments rich in stimulation and fellowship.

• Providing residencies time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and production for work and ideas in the visual and literary arts.

• Advocating for and striving to protect and sustain the pristine natural environment of the Gasconade River and surrounding environment by protecting and responsibly managing the unique plants and wildlife, by preserving the land from development, by protecting and preserving the Indian artifacts, by protecting and preserving any geological phenomena and through responsible land management practices.

OAC’s vision for its own future is ambitious: to continue serving high quality professional artists, to serve more public schoolchildren, to build its audience, to increase the number of fully equipped studios, to develop a distinctive and nationally-recognized presence of our organization, and to secure its financial base through our permanent endowment.

You are invited to invest in this organization and to help build this wonderful place—a place for the quiet contemplation of the creative endeavors of our artists, of new ways of viewing ourselves and our world, of the novelty and grace which surrounds us. Your contributions will have a definite and lasting impact to the community.

To learn more about gift opportunities at the Osage Arts Community, please contact:

Mark McClane
Executive Director

Osage Arts Community
89 Eagle Lane
Belle, Missouri
Telephone: 573-321-3785

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