Thank you for thinking of making a gift to the Osage Arts Community!

Whether you are someone who is interested in making a gift, investing in OAC, a foundation interested in program support, a corporation interested in corporate sponsorship, or any donor who wishes to help underwrite our programming--you will find an opportunity for financial support that is right for you.

Your support benefits our ongoing operations, including helping to build our facilities as well as our education programs, and support of our endowment provides long term financial stability to OAC.There are many wonderful reasons to support the Osage Arts Community. Your support of OAC helps to improve the quality of life in Central Missouri.

OAC Giving Programs
We invite you to become involved in one or more of our Giving Programs. Thank you for your interest and generosity!

Direct Support
If you would prefer to give directly to daily operation expenses we have a number of programming opportunities. Please contact us for more information.

Animal Sponsor
The artists who receive OAC residency awards have most of their daily needs provided. To make this happen we raise cows, hogs, and chickens in addition to our garden and orchard. This nurturing is accomplished organically. You can help by sponsoring a cow, pig or chicken. You can also help by supporting the Orchard or Garden.

Studio Support
This is your opportunity to sponsor a specific media that would greatly facilitate our artists and their creative process.

Studio Sponsor
Create a legacy for yourself or your family by sponsoring an entire studio.

Unrestricted Gifts
An unrestricted gift is one of the most precious gifts any donor can make. It allows OAC to support an innovative project or to address our most pressing needs. In many ways, an unrestricted gift demonstrates a donor's high level of confidence in the vision and direction of OAC.

Matching Gift Program
Many employers and parent companies match their employees' gifts to not-for-profit organizations. Therefore, your gift to OAC could be doubled! Please check to see if your employer has a matching gift program, then please take a moment to obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office and follow their directions to initiate a match. We thank you for making the extra effort--and for your doubled support!

If you have any questions about a program or your on-line contribution, please contact us at 573.321.3785. Thank you for supporting the Osage Arts Community.
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