The Youth Music Program (YMP), sponsored by the Osage Arts Community, is a place for young artists 21 and under to gather to just play music. See their facebook page to get all kinds of information.

These pictures are from the concert @ the Warehouse Summer 2014. YMP - A September to Remember to Remember_001.jpg to Remember_002.jpg to Remember_003.jpg to Remember_005.jpg to Remember_170.jpg to Remember_174.jpg to Remember_119.jpg to Remember_139.jpg to Remember_167.jpg to Remember_160.jpg to Remember_123.jpg to Remember_104.jpg to Remember_095.jpg to Remember_102.jpg to Remember_103.jpg to Remember_084.jpg to Remember_086.jpg to Remember_092.jpg to Remember_065.jpg to Remember_063.jpg to Remember_054.jpg to Remember_074.jpg to Remember_059.jpg to Remember_048.jpg to Remember_056.jpg to Remember_052.jpg to Remember_020.jpg to Remember_024.jpg to Remember_032.jpg to Remember_042.jpg to Remember_011.jpg to Remember_009.jpg to Remember_019.jpg to Remember_006.jpg
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