Osage Arts Community’s Composers Symposium, Music to Our Ears

Osage Arts Community (OAC) recently welcomed the return of their annual Mid-Missouri Composers Symposium, under the direction of composer and educator Nolan Stolz. The signature event, now in its second year, ran from July 24-30 and featured 11 professionals from around the country. The entire week was one of overwhelming success, community outreach and personal and professional growth. A few of the composers had this to say about their experience in Belle.

“The entire symposium was an excellent balance of time spent, and it was well integrated into the town of Belle and surrounding community. Overall it was a wonderful time with stimulating discussions and the opportunity to work on professional projects,” -Dr. Kerrith Livengood.

“This is a wonderful, invigorating experience through which I have been able to meet and spend time discussing music with other composers in a relaxing and fulfilling environment. The friendship and the rural area is truly rewarding.” Dr. Andrew Walters.

Stoltz, who is currently already hard at work on next year’s event, gave some insight into why he started the symposium, as well as his deep connection to OAC.

“I had been to composer conferences and festivals where everyone is so busy that there is never enough time to have in-depth conversations with other professionals in the field. So I decided to create a symposium that does not include live performances so we can focus on discussions. A good portion of the participants teach at schools where they are the only composer on faculty. MMCS gives them the opportunity to have discipline-specific discussions with other high-level professionals. Also, I love going to the Osage Arts Community, so during my third summer, I decided that it would be great to share with other composers.”

The Mid-Missouri Composers Symposium welcomes attendance by members of the local community, as well as any questions or comments. For more information, the event facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MidMissouriCS/?fref=ts

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