OAC was founded as an organization in 2004. Our residency program was established in 2005.

Osage County Missouri, was named after the Osage Tribe. This is where OAC resides and is also its namesake. The Osage Indian Nation has occupied the region between the Missouri and Arkansas Rivers from the Mississippi Great Plains since time immemorial. This great Osage homeland included most of the area in the modern states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The Osage homelands that once encompassed a large four state area was reduced to the present reservation in Osage County, Oklahoma between the years of 1808 and 1872. The Osage began the first of the major land cessions in the Treaty of 1808 that relinquished control of most of Missouri and the northern half of Arkansas. In 1818, the Osage again entered into a treaty to cede a triangular parcel of land in northwest Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The tribe released the last of the Missouri homelands and central Kansas in the Treaty of 1825 and moved to the remaining homeland in southern Kansas. The modern Osage Nation is a federally recognized Indian nation and occupies the Osage Reservation in north-central Oklahoma.

OAC is an idea realized by a few close friends who wanted to create an environment in their regional community that would support the arts in a place where they could live and also give back to a community they call home. Since the group moved to the farm in the spring of 2004, time has been spent nesting and planning for the future. At this time there are three living structures on the property which were all in need of repair. These repairs have begun and will continue for some time, however additional improvements are ongoing, for example a road to all the primary structures has been upgraded, ongoing additions to the 6,000 sq. ft. shop, and grooming of the grounds has been a concentrated effort by the group.

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